The 5 Ethics of Nitip

The 5 ethics of Nitip

Some of you who have traveled to another city or country may have experienced the most common Indonesian fixation of “Nitip dong…” from other people. The most simplified English translation of “nitip” is probably “to ask a favor”.

For those of you who are the non-traveler, before saying those simple (and sometimes annoying) words of ‘nitip dong…’ please be mindful of these 5 things that your traveling friend (or friend of a friend) may experience…


1.     Their travel itinerary

They could be city-hopping and only be spending 2 days in each city, pretty sure they’ll be too busy with their own schedule and won’t have time to get you your Nike Free Flyknit Running Shoes, not to mention what if they have made an effort to go to the Nike Store and cannot find your size? Feeling bad much?

2.     Business or Leisure

Chances are people who are traveling on business WILL NOT and I repeat WILL NOT have time to go to the nearest Factory Outlet (when I say nearest, it is usually 1.5 hour-drive away) and get you that 40% off Tory Burch handbag. Unless of course they’re also after that same bag, then I recommend you ask them to buy the handbag and the purse while they’re at it.

3.     Traveling Companion

They may be travelling with small children or grandparents, who would equally need special attention and extra baggage when travelling. So going to a Sephora shop to get you the Kat Von D lipstick might be pushing it a bit too far.


4.     Baggage Allowance

Here is an issue that people rarely ever consider. Unless your traveling friend is flying on a private jet, I am sure there is a limit towards their baggage. You will not believe how many times I have heard people who are flying back to Indonesia saying ‘Aduhhh, overweight nih’… I am guessing you wouldn’t chip in to pay their overweight charges?


5.     How Important You Are to Them

Unless you are an immediate family member, fiancé, or the ultimate BFF … do ask yourself how much trouble do you want to put this person into?

To avoid any inconvenience you may cause to other people, it doesn’t hurt to spare a little bit of money to pay for good service and shipping to your front door – eliminate getting stuck in traffic just to pick up your package from your friend’s house or the post office (not to forget you wouldn’t know how much you need to pay to release your package) – in the end it is less hassle for everyone involved.

We are here for you so you can still get that latest shoes from Onitsuka Tiger – stress free.

Let your family and friends enjoy their holiday without having to worry about you.