Sigi Wimala

Sigi Wimala Photo 1

Sigi is one helluva mom-preneur,  a mother of two and founder of, she doesn’t make excuses when it comes to staying fit. While her modeling career is far from over, she still manages to balance a successful career and raising her two daughters without any help from a babysitter, talk about being a supermom!

Sigi is a Nitipstore regular and here’s what we chatted about recently…

  1. What’s in my gym bag:  a set of fresh clean clothes, toiletries, Bose sport earphones, extra socks, flip flops, wet bag
  1. If I had a crush on someone, I would buy him: I would find out his fave stuff, or something he’s been looking for – if its in my budget (you gotta have a budget right?) I’ll get him that. Sometimes the effort counts much more than the actual gift.
  1. My style inspiration: Jenna Lyons (Creative Director of JCrew)
  1. An item I bought overseas that I’ve had for 5 years & still use until today: My All Saints biker boots
  1. An item in my closet I wear the most: Lately, it’s been my nursing tank tops from H&M
  1. My favorite pair of shoes: My All Saints biker boots
  1. Things I buy for my kids the most: Toys (me and my husband, Timo – have a weak spot for toys, because we did not have many toys when we were kids, our family could not afford those things)
  1. If I was a character from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, I would be:  A mix between Miranda and Nigel
  1. If I had super-powers it would be: To Teleport
  1. The best purchase decision I’ve made in the past month: I wanna say Apple’s 9.7″ Ipad Pro but I kinda regret it honestly, a bag of coffee beans I bought last Monday from Anomali was a better purchase. Hahahahha. 
  1. I wish they sell these in Indonesia: Canyon Bikes and Rapha
  1. A destination I want to visit but haven’t got a chance to: Iceland
  1. The last 2 items I bought overseas: Toys (bloody Shopkins – I hate those things) for my daughter Max and a couple of sportswear items for GerakPlus’ Research & Development.
  1. My Top 3 favorite US Stores / Brands: Rapha, Nike and Apple
  1. I can see myself living in: Tokyo or London