Luna Maya

Luna Maya Nitip Store

Our stunning friend who is a Nitipstore regular is literally unstoppable. Other than her regular appearances on national television, starting Martabucks (a new Martabak joint in Kemang) and more F&B establishments to come, she had just launched her own clothing line, now available online at

Living between Jakarta and Bali, she spends her holidays overseas mainly around Asia, Europe and the United States. We had the pleasure of spending time with her on all her US visits in the past few years and she shared with us her favorite brands and items that she cannot live without….

My favorite US Shops or Brands:

corme hearts

The things I always buy from overseas:

Make Up 
Home Accessories

 My shopping wish list (the items I need to buy):


Why I love online shopping:

Online pasti lebih enak karena kadang bisa pesen dan bayar belakangan.

What I like about Nitipstore:

Easy dan mau apa aja ADA!