Couples We Love To Hate on Instagram

By hate we mean envy and by envy we mean we wish we can photoshopped ourselves in between these heaven sent eye candy couples on instagram.


Helen Owen & Zack Kalter

These are type of people who have clearly won the genetic lottery and happened to have found each other in life and gets to model together, dine together, travel together, look hot together and make other people wish they have their lives. #couplesgoals redefined.
Helen Owen

Zack Kalter


Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl

Jo (yes, we like to call him Jo), his weekly #Sundays post are the ones we envy where he shows his heart-melting affection towards his NY-socialite model/wife Olivia Palermo. Even without Jo in her arms we’re already jealous of Olivia. But of course she has to top it off by showing off his perfect-bone-structure German husband with a luxurious lifestyle in the background. We’re happy for you. Really.

Johannes Hubel Olivia Palermo


Tasha Oakley & Gilles Souteyrand

When swimsuit and fashion models fall in love, then expect a lot of pictures of these couples wearing less and less. Because why not? We would avoid wearing anything to hide these bodies too.

Gilles Souteyrand

Tasha Oakley


Cody Weston Andrew & Christine Andrew (@hellofashionblog)

When you see parents of 3 young children can still look this hot, it makes you wonder what kind of village it took to make them look perfect in every single instagram post. (Right, social media can be deceiving). But still, seeing them look dashing all the time can be an inspiration.

We also featured them in our previous blog Fave Fashion Bloggers on Instagram

Cody Weston Andrew

Christine Andrew


Isaac Hinden-Miller (@isaaclikes) & Jenny Albright

The ultimate hipster couple in New York. Other than modeling, these DJ duo are also fashion bloggers , they are great to follow because of their fresh street styles, expect a lot of romance in their videos and photos around New York City that makes you want to retake your pre-wedding photos.

Isaac Likes

Jenny Albright

Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik

I mean….

Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid



This blog is NOT (by any means) published to stimulate depression or social anxiety. Remember people, social media are not to be taken seriously.