Renny Sutiyoso

You may have seen her being featured in a number of social and lifestyle magazines in Indonesia. Renny, a mother of one and a successful entrepreneur living in Jakarta is an avid traveler and certainly no stranger in hearing the words ‘Nitip dong’ every single time she travels overseas. 

 We caught up with Renny while she made her final stop in New York after traveling through Europe this Spring with her family. 

Renny Sutiyoso

I can see myself living in Los Angeles 

My TOP 3
Favorite places to visit in the world
1. London
2. California 
3. Ibiza
You can always find these 3 items in my purse
1. iPhone
2. Wet tissue anti bacteria
3. Lip balm

Things I always buy from overseas
1. Workout outfit
2. Shoes
3. Lingerie 
Favorite stores in the US
1. Barneys New York
2. Bergdorf Goodman
3. Wholefoods Market 
My shopping wish list (items I cannot find in Indonesia)
1. Mario Badescu
2. Oganic Baby Stuff
3. Nyquil

My personal experience traveling overseas and ‘dititipin barang’ sama orang: 

“Sering banget di titipin barang yang di Indonesia juga ada dengan alesan : di Amerika lebih murah padahal harga juga beda tipis dan nitip nya berat-berat lagi… seperti lotion, deodorant, shampoo…. helloooo Ke donk ah😝 Pernah juga di titipin 1 krat wine (12 botol).”

  There you go – another living proof of how Indonesians just love to ‘Nitip’ random items they can think of every time they hear someone is traveling overseas.

That’s why Nitipstore is here for you, so you no longer need to hassle your friends and family, let them enjoy their holiday this time around.

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