Andini Effendi

Andini Photo

ANDINI EFFENDI, Journalist at Metro TV

If you love seeing this beautiful lady reporting the news on television, then we guarantee you’ll love her even more in real life.

A former New Yorker, Andini knows exactly what it feels like when people back home in Indonesia would ask her to buy items from the US and to ‘bring’ it home with her – as a favor. Once or twice is not an issue, but all the time… well.. let’s not get into that right now.

She shares with us her favorite US brands and shopping wish list…

My backup profession would be:

Professional shopper

The things I carry on my purse at all times:

  1. Deux Lux wallet – Neiman Marcus
  2. iPad – Apple Store
  3. Hurraw lip balm – Organic Avenue

When I’m in the US, the shop I have never failed to visit:

Club Monaco, Lulu Lemon, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Century 21, Sephora

If I could teleport, my first destination would be:

New York City

My TOP 3

Things I always buy from overseas:

  1. Make Up
  2. Shoes
  3. Jeans

Favorite US or AUS website for online shopping:

  2. Bergdorf Goodman
  3. Neiman Marcus

My shopping wish list:

  1. Urban Decay make up
  2. Goyard tote monogram
  3. J Brand pencil washed out jeans

My experience in overseas shopping and nitip menitip

In the past, I’ve encountered difficulties to ship items that I bought online. As a result, I have to send it to friends in the States and hoping anyone can bring the stuff to Indonesia. I got the same experience when I lived in the States by having people sent over their online shopping items to my address. I found it irritating. That must had been the feeling of friends that I sent my stuff over.