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Just when I thought Amazon couldn’t get any better with their 2-day Free Delivery for their Prime members. They had now just introduced Amazon Prime NOW available in selected major cities including Los Angeles.

Amazon Prime Now Official

Amazon Prime Now

With the new Amazon Prime Now App – separate from the regular Amazon app – you can order items provided by Amazon or local sellers and get it delivered within 2 hours – For FREE. The app also allows you to choose a 2-hour delivery window within the same day.

Amazon Prime Now Hello Marianne

Amazon Prime Now Categories

Amazon Prime Now Categories

I have been an avid Amazon shopper, I’d shop from Amazon between 5 to 15 times a month. And mostly for dry essential items for the household, baby / kids items or work-related items.

In the APN app, local shops are featured on top and followed by theme-based category (Halloween for October) and other item categories, such as frozen food, refrigerated foods, snacks, household essentials to sports & fitness.

It was that time of the week when I had no help at home, my baby decided he wasn’t sticking on his regular napping schedule and I just had a gazillion things to do at home and on my computer, and of course at the same time we would run out of diapers and butter.

As I was getting ready to go out for a quick grocery trip or a Target trip (so it could feel like a mini-vacation) – I only had a 37 minute window before I had to pick up my older son from school.

So I thought: Getting out of the house – putting the baby in the car seat – driving for 10 to 15 mins if there’s no traffic – finding a parking spot – getting the baby out of the car seat – finding a shopping cart to put the baby in – .. and…. wait! I just remembered an email from Amazon saying something about Amazon Prime Now – so I downloaded the app and voila! Shopping done within 5 minutes – delivery within the next 2 hours (timeframe of my choosing) – no delivery fee – hassle free.

Amazon Prime Now Past Order

I only needed to buy 2 items, but I thought I should throw in shredded cheese and mozzarella sticks while we’re at it.

APN also sends you a text message when the driver is on their way with the link to track the delivery, in this instance Raul was delivering my order.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now Delivery

The idea that they can deliver within 2 hours for free eliminates your last minute groceries errand when you ran out of milk, bread, eggs or diapers, way too convenient! Kudos to Amazon!


Marianne Rumantir, Nitipstore Los Angeles