67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

I have always wondered how all the lucky bastards scored tickets to the award shows’ red carpet bleachers … My assumptions have always been either sponsor tickets, radio contest winner or they knew someone from the Television Academy or the production crew. Apparently I’m not too far off.

My question was answered this summer (2015) when I received an email from Chase Bank. As a Chase Sapphire Preferred cardmember we received an offer to book for an Emmy Award experience, because Chase was their official sponsor this year (told ya!). You can either choose to go to the bleachers seat or to go inside the 67th Annual Emmy Awards Ceremony, but to go inside the ceremony you will be required to pay $1,500. Hell no. Firstly, I would never pay that ridiculous amount of money to go into an Awards show, secondly I hate dressing up. So bleachers seat it is, I mean… red carpet is always way more fun that the actual show right?

Weeks before the show, we were required to do a background check and were sent instructions on where to park (dedicated award event parking) and where to go on the day etc.

Emmy Ticket

My husband and I were instructed to come 5 hours earlier which I highly detest. So we ended up coming 4 hours earlier because there were no seat allocation on the ticket as it was a first come first served basis. To our surprise, as Chase Sapphire guests we were guaranteed front row seats, couldn’t they just tell us from the beginning??! We were escorted by the sponsors team from the parking garage to the bleachers area at Microsoft Theatre (LA Live). Before going to our seat we were given several goodie bags:

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

Inside the bag, we were given the Official Emmy Awards Guidebook, People Magazine, Loreal New Make-up Kit, Official Emmy T-shirt, Chase Sapphire Portable Charger (love it!), Sunscreen/Lipbalm, Chewy Mint, Cushion for the bleachers (this was only given to Chase guests), Fox Fan and refillable Emmy water bottle. All wrapped in a very nice tote bag, you can tell these are not the cheap kinds. For lunch we were given McDonalds (sponsors) and special for Chase guests was a special lunchbox from Wolfgang Puck Catering (this was delicious), kinda felt bad because the people on the rows behind us didn’t get the same privilege as Chase guests.

Wolfgang Puck Catering

This particular day was a very hot summer day reaching almost 100F, which is around 37C… Luckily though the red carpet area were covered with shade, but we could still feel the heat and humidity throughout the day which was very unpleasant. The sponsors team were very accommodating in refilling our water bottle and provided us with refillable ice coffees which helped us survive the day quite well because we did have to wait for several hours before the celebrities arrive…



A representative from Chase Sapphire, who I assume is like the client relations or PR person, came to greet us and made sure we had all we needed and was well-accommodated, she was there throughout the event just in case we needed something along the way, I found this to be a very nice effort & gesture by Chase. Well done to their Marketing team.

While waiting we were entertained with the FOX Sports Sunday Football report featuring Michael Strahan and Terry Bradshaw, who were broadcasting live right in front of us so we were basically used as their background audience. We can also see a lot of reporters and TV crews from E!, other entertainment shows and international reporters were already on standby and covering the red carpet atmosphere.

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

As TV Show addicts, we were looking forward to see the cast of The Last Man On Earth, Veep, Homeland, Modern Family, House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul / Breaking Bad.

Anyway, so the moments that we were waiting for finally came, the first celebrities we saw were the hosts of Extra (Mario Lopez, Tracey Edmonds, Charissa Thompson), they were covering a segment of their show. And a few other celebrities who arrived early were Christina Millian and Heidi Klum.

Cast of SV

Damien Lewis

Following the first few celebrities appearance, then there was a good flow of more celebrities that came onto the red carpet, the largest ensemble was probably Modern Family who walked separately and some of them were nice enough to say hello to us and didn’t mind taking our phones to take selfies with us. Today was an exception for us because we’re not really selfie people… +)

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

Our highlights were probably to say hi and ‘chat’ a little bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep), Will Forte (Last Man On Earth), Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family), Alison Janney (Mom), Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley). Thomas came to us and gave us a fist-bump because we yelled out ‘Pied Piper!!’ and he was so proud that we knew this (if you watch Silicon Valley you would know what I’m talking about).

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

67th Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Experience

Thomas Middleditch

Most of the cast of the TV shows we liked actually made an effort to smile, say hi and thank you when we complimented them such as the Damien Lewis (Homeland), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Kerry Washington (Scandal), Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder), Taraji P. Henson (Empire – Cookie in real life is super friendly!), Julie Bowen (Modern Family), Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul), Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), January Jones (Last Man on Earth), Carson Daly, the cast of Modern Family, cast of Veep, cast of Last Man on Earth and the cast of Silicon Valley. The cast of Game of Thrones are often unrecognizable so we probably missed most of them as they walked past… (means kudos to the costume designer & make up artist for transforming them into character).

Joe Mangianello

Kerry Washington

Slightly disappointed with a few celebrities who didn’t bother to smile or say hi… such as Jeff Daniels (Newsroom), Morena Baccarin (Homeland / Gotham), Naomi Watts (who came with nominated husband Live Schreiber)…  I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt thinking they might have been running late, had a dress malfunction or we called their name wrong?!

Amy Schumer

Peter Dinklage

It was a great 3 hours of yelling out people’s names, adoring these wonderful actors and being able to talk to a bunch of them in one event was definitely an experience.

Would I do it again? Probably not in that heat and not for the same Award show. I’m thinking the Golden Globes. +)

Alison Janney


Marianne Rumantir, Founder of Nitipstore