5 Practical Baby Items Every Mom Should Have


Packing light and efficient every time I get out of the house with a baby is something I strive for, especially when you do not have an extra pair of hands to help you and your kids.

If you are fortunate enough to have help or a nanny that travels with you everywhere, then these practical items might help make her life easier.

Remember: Happy Nanny, Happy Life!


  1. Wet & Dry Diaper Bag

After my second child was born, my energy level have somewhat decreased, I have ditched using the ‘regular’ (bulky) size diaper bag and fell in love with the very practical (and stylish) wet & dry diaper bag that would fit all my baby’s essential items, you can even throw in your own wallet in there if you decide to ditch your own purse.


My personal favorites are Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag (above) that comes in 6 different colors and Logan & Lenora Classic Wet Bag (below) offered in 10 different patterns, both are available through Amazon.com – all these items are under USD 25 (excluding shipping to Indonesia).

1005TR-2 earthy-owls

This wet/dry diaper bag can easily fit into your stroller basket or can be hung on the stroller’s handle bar.

If you opt for something even much simpler, Logan & Lenora Diaper Clutch is also the way to go, available from Nitipstore’s Ready Stock Items at only IDR 365,000 (including shipping for Jakarta area).

LL bluepouch LLBWpouch loganlenorasmallpouch

I love both brands and model that I decided to have both, I would keep the Regular Wet Bag in the car at all times for emergencies and the Diaper Clutch is the one I carry around in my bag (No more carrying 2 bags everywhere!).

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  1. Changing Mat / Clutch

Doesn’t matter if you’re changing your baby at the mall’s family changing room, the nearest bench or in the backseat of the car (I’ve done ’em all!), you will find this changing mat uber useful. I love my JJ Cole Changing Clutch that comes in 9 different colors, also available from Amazon for USD 18.50 (tax included, not including shipping to Indonesia).


  1. Diaper Sacks

It’s a beautiful thing when your baby has a good digestion system, however it’s far from beautiful if you have to share the odor with the rest of the world.

One simple yet useful invention is the disposable diaper sack, usually sold in pack of 50 count to 200 at a very affordable price too.


Pack of 200 is available from our Ready Stock Items for IDR 220,000 including shipping for Jakarta area – delivered within 2 days.

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  1. Table Topper

If you have a baby like mine who prefer to feed himself off of any flat surface (including floors) then a table topper might be your soul mate when eating out with your baby so you don’t need to triple wipe the hi-chair tables or the restaurant’s tables before any use.


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  1. Disposable Bibs

For me it’s simple, use & toss, less dirty bibs to take home especially if you’re planning to be out of the house for the whole day. Also very practical when traveling with kids while feeding them in airports and airplanes.

Munchkin Disposable Bibsneatsolutions bibs pocketbibsters

Munchkin Disposable Bibs, 24 count, USD 8.30
Neat Solutions Disposable Bibs, Disney Princess, 10 count, USD 11.00
Bibster, Large Disposable Bibs, 32 count, USD 12.10
(Prices: tax included, exclude shipping to Indonesia)


Contact us at info@nitipstore.com if you find any other baby items that could be useful or if you would like to us pre-purchase for you so it will be ready in our Ready Stock catalogue whenever you want to re-order.